two new old stories

Curly's-Zine-Mike-Illogical Two new old stories have been published from the Curly Crashed Zine.

‘Mike Illogical’ – Curly cracks it over the inherent sexism of psychology.

‘Dr Freudo Frog’s Destinative Diagnosis’ – Curly cracks it over the subjective science (?) of psychiatric diagnosis.


benjamin frater

the greatest australian surrealist poet ever to be undiscovered!
why did Frater write?

“For the sake of confession and performative exorcism… to produce illuminative seizures in my audience…”

i’m hungry alberta, give me a population

Surrealist-Poet-Frater-Arculation From ‘Arculation’.

what was Frater’s goal?

“To be recognised and respected for the work I do, to provide a unique perception, to survive.”

show him a wall, climbing up a bug

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