Wyong Coloured


Colour appeals to the senses and emotions. What if blue communicated angry?


Use colour to send an unexpected message.

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Documentary Photography

The series of photographic collages ‘The Beach They Called Gallipoli’ was created by Introspective Bear and appears within a book of the same name (credits below).

The module most relevant to these photographic collages from MoMA’s Seeing Through Photographs course is Documentary Photography.

Documentary photographs record and remember people, places and events, encourage (or discourage) empathy, raise awareness (or increase confusion) and offer commentary. Photographers have utilised the camera since it’s invention to make photographic documents of events they witness.

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Looking Responsibly

“All you do is just look around. Like that’s what, to me, is the amazing experience.” Hank Willis Thomas

The module which resonated most with me from MoMA’s Seeing Through Photographs was Constructing Narratives and Challenging Histories. This module looks at photographic images that create a narrative when purposefully chosen and presented as a themed group. A themed group of images extends a single image’s ability to communicate through the connotations and implications suggested by showing them together. A narrative is constructed. Meanings and understandings from a group of images link together, extending to create a story.

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Pique of the Day

pique |piːknoun. Arouse (interest or curiosity).

Katy-Grannan-MOMAPortraits available to view at MoMA (search for Katy Grannan).

“When you make a picture that’s this reductive, you take so much away, so much context, so much potential narrative. The entirety of all this detail amounts to what makes it the strongest photograph.”   Katy Grannan

I am Piqued

This sentence from an interview with portrait photographer Katy Grannan, intrigued me. It’s kinda another way of saying ‘less is more’. I am interested in trying this photographic technique. Reducing a photograph’s details so it’s message is stronger.

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