Shoe Fly

(work in progress. audio to be included.)

So, What’s The Gossip?

Shoe Fly! Don’t bother I
Shoe Fly! Don’t bother I
Shoe Fly! Don’t bother I
Shoe Blow Fly lou-ee lou-ii


There was a chunky wog
Who got bitten by some dog
Cause a cross hair got pronged upon his forehead
He was never ever wrong
Till he made horror far too long…

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An Acid House Poem

In the twenty-first century we can dance with our feet off the ground. Sisters.

We fly and we dream and we defy.

Hit ‘em!

With Gravity.

[ gravity – noun – extreme importance; seriousness: crimes of the utmost gravity ]

Whaddya got to sell me? Slime-on called. Well… oooo… Stephen sold his ferris wheel… aaah-haaa? Stuart tuned his sports coupé… mmmm… and as the sun sets on these flip flop flunksters we will dismember them.

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