Pique of the Day

pique |piːknoun. Arouse (interest or curiosity).

Katy-Grannan-MOMAPortraits available to view at MoMA (search for Katy Grannan).

“When you make a picture that’s this reductive, you take so much away, so much context, so much potential narrative. The entirety of all this detail amounts to what makes it the strongest photograph.”   Katy Grannan

I am Piqued

This sentence from an interview with portrait photographer Katy Grannan, intrigued me. It’s kinda another way of saying ‘less is more’. I am interested in trying this photographic technique. Reducing a photograph’s details so it’s message is stronger.

Looking for a portrait model is no easy proposition. ‘I’m to shy!’ or ‘I look tired today…’ or ‘I have not shaved for a week!’ are usual responses.

So I took the advice of Aristootle, or was it Pluto Pup, or was it Hippocritic? It was one of the ancient greek philosophers…

“Know Thy Self”

… and decided a self portrait was a great place to start 😉





Interview with Katy Grannan


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