An Acid House Poem

In the twenty-first century we can dance with our feet off the ground. Sisters.

We fly and we dream and we defy.

Hit ‘em!

With Gravity.

[ gravity – noun – extreme importance; seriousness: crimes of the utmost gravity ]

Whaddya got to sell me? Slime-on called. Well… oooo… Stephen sold his ferris wheel… aaah-haaa? Stuart tuned his sports coupé… mmmm… and as the sun sets on these flip flop flunksters we will dismember them.


Triplicity for Sale (also known as) This Trip

[ trip hop – noun – dance music style, slow tempo, combining hip hop and dub reggae with soft ambient sounds ]

Condemn This Trip – he is a trip – Condemn This Trip – he is a trip.

When are you gonna trip?

Him up?

Holdin’ us back for his pleasure – our living suspended at his leisure.

Meltdown is progressing. Uno dos tres cuatro!

He dropped his tune then blew boop boop ba ba dah dah ay ay

Blow that fifty note faster!

He popped his kill then pilled boop boop ba ba dah dah ay ay

Oh – that’s bad 😦

No – that’s good 🙂

He sold his skin to who? boop boop ba ba dah dah ay ay

He sold! My skin and all my little sisters! 1990 what was the number of that summer?

( revenge of the pretty drummer )

Waitin’ on reparation for

Dyin’ at his disco

Reelin’ at his rave

Not showin’ what we’re know’n

While the pimps with white collars protect their necks and distribute their dollars.

Give us what we want.

Give us what we need.

Recognise our lives weigh more than our flesh – we are not sacrifices to excite his next party.

Ignite the tower of sexual hypocrisy.

Scream for Daddy!


References Recollections Inspirations Introversions Subversions and Statements

A respectful thank you to Mr James Brown for working with the best sounding women in show business. Gravity – James Brown

A strong thank you to Public Enemy for shaking it down with little girls, big girls, skinny women, fat women, dark ladies, light ladies, all participating in the march of the ‘Fight the Power’ music clip. Fight the Power – Public Enemy

A tricky thank you to S’Express… I dunno if S’Express is female gender, gender bender, aaah… maybe gender multiplicit? Express – Theme from Express


Recorded Live at the Red Bull Shit Club Night



Developing the Triffid series created in November 2013 (exhibited at Not Just Coffee, Paddington, Australia).


Published by

Shirley Burley

Artwork Craft Creative Writing Graphic Design Photography

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