I must help my self. I am the only one who can help me. If I can’t help my self then I can’t help no one any one.



Some thing in the water does not compute. My blood has x+y=what! chemicals? The blood suckers want to suck out more blood? NO! Chemicals disabled to be identified after three sucked out vials lied. Supporting systemic stupidity and saccharin sabotage. x+y=what! chemicals will NEVER! be abled or identified.

p.s. Thanks So Much for the private consultation in the public foyer.



Download it. Upload it. Distribute it. Document it. Digitise it. deNY it. DeCRY it. DesTrOY it. IT! ate your shit and died. IT! is NOW! de mastered. Jack Off Jack Shit Jill has Jumped (too little too late)!



Definition of CHOW!: oz-stray-lee-yen for eat my shit and die. CHOW!

p.s. Your hair cut is nice. Huh? It looks like a tennis ball. (I did not tell Jack at that time it was because my head had been smashed and bashed across the kangaroo court.

Definition of kangaroo court: self-constituted court having no legal standing).



Eyes are open. Yesterday softly informs today as the slowly setting sun subtly turns the heat of today into the cool of yesterday.



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