I Am Under Attack

Question: What Should I Do?


The Attack of The Wobblies

Location: A florescent filled field in the west where air is conditioned with $1,000,000 deadly spores aimed straight at Love’s heart.

TAKE one. Scenario set. Version bright / known.

Front Right. Wobbly Woman. Her apple green t-shirt laughingly enfolds lumps bumps and cellulite ridden (by her King) thighs. Love handles Wobbly Woman with laborious lassitude, leaden lark-like lances and a larrikan’s toothy smile.

(a left-handed lady-in-waiting) Love lithely leaps libertine loop years around Wobbly Woman. (a ladled lady) Wobbly Woman lodges lip-service (to her King’s Cock) with litany, longing for his livery to deliver Love to her (Wobbly Woman’s heart is love-lorn).


Wobbly Woman (a fat chick) has quite the personality and considers herself quite the card.

TAKE two. Scenario set. Version bereft / unknown.

Location: All Space All Time. Love is floatin round and round. She gains awareness of little wibblies and wobblies, blibblies and blobblies, wibblin and wobblin, blibblin and blobblin in at her from above, below, before, after, around, over, and beyond.

Love realises she is experiencing an Attack of The Wobblies. Any direction, any form, any fable, blibble, blobble, wibble, wobble.

What is Love Gonna Do?

Answers include:

  • I start dancin (said she)
  • I start wigglin (said me)
  • I start smilin (said my)
  • I start runnin (said he)

And we all run with it.

Location: The Milky Way. Which either way we are, we all dance out, wiggle out, smile out and run out on the Attack of The Wobblies.



Lumpy Bumpy Wibbly Wobbly (how to) Removal Exercises.


(how to be) Lithe and Lovely, Libertine and Lovely or Loopy and Lovely.

L: I am vulgar. Vulgarity helps me get down and get dirty. It is Very Very good exercise, you know? Being vulgar keeps me trim, taught and terror-rific. You could try it Wobbly Woman, it might work for you?

WW: I… am thinking… about… some exercises… which… might work… for me…

L: Oh, as with any exercise, dedication and diligence is required, along with Lots and Lots of sincere and genuine motivation. Perseverance is the key, you know?

WW: What do… I need… to get… going..? Some lycra… leotards? some leg… warmers? some non-sweat… headbands? some jazzercise… musics..?

L: Spot On! You Got It! Well Done! Great Work! You Know It!

WW: Okay… I will… start… this… vulgar… getting down… and… getting dirty… exercise… regime… it just… might work… for me?

L: Good Luck. It just might work for you! Keep Trying and Trying, perseverance is the key, you know? Passion and determination will deliver the results you desire. Then again Wobbly Woman.

It might not work.

Answer: When I am under Attack, I find Wigglin works best.



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