Lovely Lady Rose loved This Man. This half bred mongrel was not black enough and had too much colour for Charlie to consider him pure white and right for Lovely Lady Rose ( who was told by Charlie he owned her ).

Charlie was fuming seething and gangreening with This Man walking around Charlie’s town with Lovely Lady Rose loving him.


Charlie’s spine is not so strong he him self could murder This Man. Charlie’s antidote for his spite was to exercise his might.

How did Charlie fight This Man who was true for Lady Lovely Rose ?

How did Charlie hurt This Man in a way ( on the far radical extremist ) right for Charlie and his ( over ) bite might ?

What did Charlie do ?

He bit the bitch you men.


Face Down Charlie. Out!

bitumen |ˈbɪtjʊmən| : a black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum distillation. Used for road surfacing and roofing.

austrayleeyer |local meaning| : a kilometre and a half of tarred road surface.

origin |medi-evil english| : naturally occurring asphalt used as mortar ( from Latin ).

An antidote

for Charlie’s fuming seething and gangreening ?

Well, i ‘spose neutralise his poison…

p.s. the pinnacle of ancient rome’s power is peakin’


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Shirley Burley

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