deConfuse says chaos is wisdom

a man asks ?

I Know A Woman. Every Dog And His Donkey Must Help Her. How ?


a woman answers…

Lucky Bitch. Not !

this does this. thinks this is good. that does that. thinks that is gooder. that writes over this.

which does which. thinks which is best. what does what. thinks what is bestest. what under writes which.

when does when. thinks when is right. then does then. thinks then is righter. then re writes when.

this does that. which does what. when does then. negate the plot.

double dave the diddler divides, distracts, detracts and dances his demented dumbed arse down. he was ordered by Order. dissed. missed. a josh joked full.

a woman asks ?

me and you, who…

a man answers…

you and me, we ?

now we say our one, two, threes

a) darius dares
b) desdemona damns
c) goliath glares
d) jaime jams
e) steve wonders

tick tock bang

time waits for no man. a woman pays no heed to time.

time runs out. i clocked ‘em while walking.

time stands still. jack fell down, he tripped out silly over billy.

time stops.

popped !

Hardy Har Har

habibi died with a falafel in his hand. after dying he had golden baklava for dessert.

peace love and happiness girls’ soul was slaughtered by Hornsby Hussies Hellish Cube. She chucked her sliced diced soul out the window and commenced creating a new one. her fifteen year teenage soul is now hitten’ its stride.

tricked ‘em

Aust Govt Pty Ltd is declared bankrupt.

Goodness Me. Gracious Spacious. Dear oh Dear.



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