image description

square + circles. dark + light. sharp + soft.

square plus circles

squares require all sides equal. logical division creates two. balanced and opposing. imperfections cover all. uniting circles. 


positive + negative = neutral
neutral (grey) = black + white
right = wrong met in the middle
east + north + south = head west young man !
male + fe = female

feminine + masculine = clean + messy

what the fuck ?

fact and fiction. truth and lies. get down ! rest provides peace. peace provides rest. sleep follows action. action follows sleep. get up !

magic never was and always is.

thinking (brain + body) + feeling (heart + rhythm) + physicality (gut + instinct) =  living (soul + spirit)

space. time. dimension. which dimension am i in ? the dimension of being. human.

huh ? oh, oops, i meant to spell.




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Shirley Burley

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