Suburban Beach Front

Curly N Crew Landscape 01

Curly N Crew Landscape 02

Curly N Crew Landscape 03 Curly N Crew Landscape 04

Trees are a central part of my suburban environment. Consequently I plonked a bloody big tree right in the centre of these photographs 🙂 

I desaturated all colours excepting green and blue, emphasising the trees. Right in the centre of the photograph.

Curly N Crew Landscape 09Curly N Crew Landscape 10

Curly N Crew Landscape 08

Curly N Crew Landscape 07

Curly N Crew Landscape 06

Curly N Crew Landscape 05

More images from strolling along The Entrance promenade, in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia, are in the Flickr album.

Prompted by the WordPress weekly photo challenge.


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7 thoughts on “Suburban Beach Front”

    1. I have not been to Glenelg (even though it has a name which reads correctly back to front, or in a mirror 😉 To visit Glenelg would only require a left hand turn (these photos are of Central Coast, News South Wales), I may do that one day.


    1. Hullo HH. I used adobe bridge, best thing about that (allow me to be a sales representative for a minute 😉 it allows editing of all images simultaneously (in this case I knocked back all colours to -75% saturation except green and blue which I increased by +25%).

      I’m glad it is effective. The purpose was emphasising the trees, making everything else in the image a little lack-lustre, proving my point trees are so very beautiful and essential in our environments 🙂


      1. I love dogs! I just can’t help myself smiling whenever I see friendly dogs… I mean, you know, there are some barking dogs, dogs that running at you when you walk or run by your neighbours, or mean looking dogs… but those friendly ones are always my favorite! 🙂 I used to have one. It’s a long story, but he now is more happier at a huge ranch playing with other dogs and animals. 🙂

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