My First Illegal Upload

I am in the middle of creating a personally challenging artwork (it allows exploration of ideas and emotions surrounding anger, hatred and revenge). I needed something beautiful and positive today so paid respect to one of my all-time most lovely artists – Nat King Cole – by creating visuals for one of his songs.

Is it also my very first copy-wrong?

The nature of new media (world wide web, digital media e.t.c.) presents challenges to understandings of copyright.



Current copyright laws place cultural and community assets within narrow areas of access, controlled tightly by multi-national owners and corporations.

Current copyright laws are distorted to support old media companies to  maintain dominant positions in the media landscape and wider market.

Initially, copyright laws (or ideals) aimed to make texts/ideas/knowledge available for everyday people.

New media, with production and distribution being more widely available to more people, with more people participating (remixing, remediating, rewriting e.t.c.) will continue challenging current copyright laws.


Cool Links About Copyright

“While corporations are asserting a ‘crisis of copyright, seeking to police ‘digital piracy,’ citizen groups are seeking to combat a ‘crisis of fair use’ as the mechanisms of corporate copyright protection erode the ability of citizens to meaningfully quote from their culture.”  Henry Jenkins

Jenkin’s website has a heap of thinking around new media (and copyright).

Lawrence Lessig on laws that strangle creativity.

Bound by Law? Free Comic Book Explains How Copyright Complicates Art, Open Culture’s website.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates


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