Why Do I Write?

To connect with myself.

Curly N Crew Write 1

To connect with you.

Curly N Crew Write 2

To create and make.

Curly N Crew Write 3

To play and have fun with words.

Curly N Crew Write 4

To think through my thoughts.

Curly N Crew Write 5

To write.

Curly N Crew Write 6


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Shirley Burley

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15 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?”

    1. True Cathy… doing the freestyle half hour writing exercise (which took more than half an hour 😉 helped clarify what I wanted to write. This gave me the idea of photographing handwriting around my house. It took a lot of time to think about, but was quick to do once I knew what I wanted to communicate 🙂

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      1. Yes I do Shirley. I use my iPhone 4. My Samsung Galaxy II is just to bulky to feel comfy using it and not losing it! lol I am extremely careful with the iphone as you can imagine. I actually can’t see what I’ve shot until I get home, and there are quite a lot of blurry ones, but hey, take enough and you get at least 1! The poetry is actually harder because I have to memorize as I go. I find a lovely phrase and then add others repeating the them over and over until I’m somewhere I can write them down. Good brain exercise!

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