Shoe Times Three




Pastels on card. I primed the card with gesso to give it more ‘tooth’ (roughness for the pastels to stick to). Size A2. Exploring tones (as in tints n shades – you know – not lines).

P.s. Pastels need fixative (they are chalky and rub off the paper with contact). I ran out of fixative so used no-name hairspray. A great emergency (and budget) tip !! Makes the drawings smell pretty too 😀 (not sure about the archival quality tho 😉


Documentary Photography

The series of photographic collages ‘The Beach They Called Gallipoli’ was created by Introspective Bear and appears within a book of the same name (credits below).

The module most relevant to these photographic collages from MoMA’s Seeing Through Photographs course is Documentary Photography.

Documentary photographs record and remember people, places and events, encourage (or discourage) empathy, raise awareness (or increase confusion) and offer commentary. Photographers have utilised the camera since it’s invention to make photographic documents of events they witness.

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