What is the meaning of life?

What are you doing in these drawings?


I am not in these drawings. They are just drawings of my clothes.

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Party in the Closet

Formal Analysis of Artwork


I began learning about and studying photography in the late 1990’s by completing a T.A.F.E. Certificate in Photography. My appreciation of and understanding about colour in photography is being refreshed with new challenges.

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Othello, a Book Review


Willie Wobble-Dagger. A man who lived in Great Britain. Willie utilised his wealth by creating positive, beneficial and helpful artworks. With the luxury of space and the resources he had available, Willie learned to write beautiful poems and insightful plays, appreciated and admired by many, considered invaluable to this day. Willie saw the humans around him and understood basic elements of human behaviour.

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House-mate Needed

House-mate Needed 369


I pay you with intellect, emotion and instinct. You pay me with love and respect. I make you proud. You fill me with pride.


A narrow view of local wetlands. Rich bird-life. The power of dreaming in the garage (gold). A hot pink bougainvillea vine. The protection of a silver gum tree. Nasty neighbours. A two room cottage with a metal picket fence and a messy back garden. You share the shelter of my single bed. We work in the study. We sit back and be relaxed, friendly and easy going in the lounge-room. The kitchen has a dishwasher. The bathroom requires cleaning.


In person at House Number Three. One man only required (I am a one-man woman).